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Ballard and Williams meet in forum for Brunswick Commission District 5

Compared to the recent presidential debate, the forum for Brunswick County Commission 5th District seat Wednesday night was calm and civil.

Williams wins GOP nomination for Brunswick Co. Commission District 5

The Brunswick County Commission District 5 Republican race went to Brunswick County native Frank Williams. The seat has been held by long-time commissioner and current commission chair Bill Sue.

FIRST ON 3: Local News Review uncovers forgery allegation against Navassa mayor

video Forgery. That's the word Navassa's Mayor Pro Tem used to justify the town council stripping Mayor Eulis Willis of much of his authority. The Local News Review has been working for weeks to uncover the truth behind this story.

Young Black & Under Attack Part 3

videoIn the final segment of our series Young, Black and Under Attack. We highlight two community organizations dedicated to helping teenagers. Teens say these groups gave them a voice.

Young, Black and Under Attack, Part 1

videoWhat are the issues affecting young Black men? We take closer look in our series Young Black and Under Attack.

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