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A pup and her owner reunited after almost a month

Rouse and his team are relieved and ecstatic for Holly's return, and are grateful for all of the efforts that Carolina Beach citizens have given on the search.

Great Pyrenees named ‘Holly’ is on the move in Carolina Beach

Rouse is confident that she is out there.

Busiest day for missing pets ends with heart warming reunion

Animal services sees the most missing pet cases in the summer with the 5th of July being the busiest day of the year for lost pet calls.

Lost dog stops traffic on Cape Fear Memorial; couple searches for owner

videoA dog caused a slow down Wednesday evening over the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. Mike Robbins and Samantha Evenson say they were going with the normal flow around 6 p.m. into Wilmington when cars started slamming on the brakes.

Owner goes to extreme lengths to find missing dog

videoAn owner’s love for her missing dog has carried her the last six months and inspired her to go to great lengths to bring him home. Homer, a 5-year-old pup went missing in Rocky Point after he was spooked by the noise of near-by fireworks.

ONLY ON 3: Dog goes missing from carnival group, strangers join in search

videoA yellow dog captured the hearts of millions in the 1957 film "Old Yeller." It's that same kind of love for man's best friend that the traveling Amusement Carnival group has for their own 3-year-old Black Mouth Cur Jimmy.

Family reunited with missing three-legged dog

A Scott's Hill family that has been desperately searching for its dog for weeks was reunited with her today.

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