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White House: Obama to meet Romney Thursday

The White House says President Barack Obama will meet privately Thursday with his vanquished rival Mitt Romney, their first face-to-face encounter since the election. Obama promised in his victory speech on Nov. 6 to engage with Romney and consider his ideas.

Obama holds off Romney to win second term

At this hour, Barack Obama has won election as president. That's with 97 percent of the precincts reporting. Obama has won 307 electoral votes in 26 states and the District of Columbia. He is leading in 1 state for a total of 29 more electoral votes. Romney has won 216 electoral votes in 24 states. He is not currently leading in any state.

NC goes red again for president with Romney

Mitt Romney has turned North Carolina back to the Republicans. Romney won the state and its 15 electoral votes Tuesday, four years after President Barack Obama picked up a surprise win for the Democrats by 14,000 votes. The GOP had won every other presidential race in the state since 1980.

Area kids pick Obama, Dalton

Last week we told you about local students casting their own votes in the national Kids Voting program. Now the results are in.

POLL: Romney rises in favorability; Obama’s pushback is intensity

After lagging for months at historic lows, Mitt Romney's personal popularity has advanced in the final weekend to its highest of the 2012 campaign, rivaling Barack Obama's. But Obama pushes back with greater enthusiasm among his supporters – and the race itself remains a tie.

POLL: Romney leads in confidence on recovery, but Obama escapes most economic blame

More likely voters think the economy would improve under Mitt Romney than under Barack Obama – but they disproportionately blame Obama's predecessor for its troubles in the first place, an example of the mixed sentiments that undergird the deadlocked 2012 election.

Biden’s wife among campaign visitors to NC

The final days of the presidential campaign are bringing more of President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's surrogates to North Carolina.

POLL: Storm response earns Obama praise amid election’s deadlock drama

Likely voters of all political stripes give broadly positive ratings to Barack Obama;s response to the devastating storm that smashed the East Coast this week. Whether it makes a difference in the long-deadlocked presidential election is another question.

POLL: Tighter gender gap, sharper partisanship – but no change in the bottom line

Nationally, likely voters divide by 49-48 percent between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in the latest ABC News/Washington Post daily tracking poll. That's exactly where it's been in seven of the nine ABC/Post tracking poll releases since the start of last week, albeit with movement in some underlying measures – toward Romney in the middle of last week, then easing back since.

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