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New Hanover deputies crack cold case

Deputies arrested 45-year-old Elton Eugene Robbins. He's charged with the murder and kidnapping of Alice Holmes back in May 1999.

Wilmington Police investigating 2nd murder of the year

The Wilmington Police Department is investigating the death of a 23-year-old Wilmington man on Sunday morning as a homicide, according to a statement from a department spokesperson.

Another delay in 2002 murder case

The family of a woman killed eight years ago is still waiting for justice. David Eugene Bryant has been sitting in jail after allegedly shooting his wife Gladys in 2002.

ONLY ON 3: Two years later, Wilmington murder case still unsolved

video Tuesday morning's murder in Wilmington has a connection to an unsolved Wilmington murder from two years ago. On this day in 2008 someone gunned down Emmitt Cinque Irving in front of his home on Grace Street. That's just a few blocks away from the Tuesday's fatal shooting.

ONLY ON 3: Man framed for murder talks

video A man wrongfully charged with murder was finally released from jail last week after investigators figured out he was innocent. ONLY ON 3, we talk with the man who paid the price for law enforcement's mistake.

Killers move from death row to life sentences

video Jamey Cheek and Kyle Berry took plea bargains in New Hanover County Court today. The two will spend the rest of their natural lives in prison.

Convicted murderers to receive new sentences

Two convicted murders from New Hanover County are getting off of death row. Kyle Berry and Jamey Cheek are scheduled to be resentenced tomorrow.

Danny Pence murder profiled on national TV show

A local murder case is being profiled on a national cable TV channel tonight.

Bond increased for murder, arson suspect

The bond for the woman charged with setting a fire that killed her aunt and cousin has been increased to $10 million. Autopsies show the two died of smoke inhalation.

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