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Group presents petition against redistricting plan

More than 850 members of the community have signed the petition. The group says the current neighborhood school map separates socioeconomic groups.

NAACP explains its absence at school forum

After allegations of unfair hiring practices, the Pender County chapter of the NAACP was noticeably absent at last night's school forum.

NAACP not pleased with the diversity on television

videoMany of your favorite shows have returned with new episodes this year, but the NAACP is not pleased with the way some of those shows look.

NAACP embarks on pilgrimage to Raleigh

videoMembers of the North Carolina National Association for the Advancement of Colored People are embarking on a pilgrimage to the State Capitol. A group left today from Wilmington.

NAACP: Goal is movement, not moment

videoThe NAACP State Convention is in Wilmington this weekend and the president of the state chapter delivered his State of the State address Friday. Rev. William Barber repeatedly reminded his audience that working towards the NAACP's goals is movement, not a moment. The president of the North Carolina NAACP delivered his State of the State address to a group of responsive and enthusiastic supporters.

NAACP holds symposium on Race Riot

NC NAACP President Rev. Barber spoke to a filled ballroom about not only asking for recognition of what he calls terrorists riots, but legal response as well.

NAACP to hold Youth Night

Getting young people off the streets and more involved is on the NAACP's agenda. As a result it's hosting a youth night Friday.

Wilmington hosts 64th annual NAACP State Convention

Wilmington is host to the state NAACP convention this year. Thursday night, the organization's leaders held a community worship service at Union Baptist Church.

City breaks ground on 1898 Memorial Park

videoA big weekend is ahead for civil rights activists here in Wilmington. The city is playing host to the 64th annual NAACP state convention. The NAACP members met at Union Missionary Baptist Church Thursday. One event the group supports here in Wilmington is Thursday morning's groundbreaking of the 1898 Memorial Park.

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