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Wilmington hosts 64th annual NAACP State Convention

Wilmington is host to the state NAACP convention this year. Thursday night, the organization's leaders held a community worship service at Union Baptist Church.

City breaks ground on 1898 Memorial Park

videoA big weekend is ahead for civil rights activists here in Wilmington. The city is playing host to the 64th annual NAACP state convention. The NAACP members met at Union Missionary Baptist Church Thursday. One event the group supports here in Wilmington is Thursday morning's groundbreaking of the 1898 Memorial Park.

NAACP criticizes local school segregation

videoThey say New Hanover County's school system is still segregated. The NAACP has harsh criticisms over diversity in the county's three magnet schools.

NAACP to hold state conference in Wilmington

One of the oldest civil rights organizations, the NAACP, just announced it's 64th annual North Carolina State Conference will take place right here in Wilmington. The president of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP made the announcement Monday.

NAACP president rebuffed on N.C. hog plant visit

The president of the North Carolina NAACP was turned away Thursday as he tried to visit the Smithfield Foods hog slaughterhouse in Tar Heel.

Mayor Holds Public Meeting to Dispell Rumors about Police-Involved Shooting

This afternoon, city leaders met with community members to dispell some of the rumors about the police involved shooting of Phillipe McIver.

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