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Park service says group broke into lighthouse for the view

The National Park Service says a group of young people broke into a lighthouse on North Carolina’s southern Outer Banks seemingly for the view.

Part of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse complex revealed by waves

The National Park Service says a portion of a 150-year-old brick fence that once surrounded the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse has been exposed by ocean waves that carved a cliff into the sand.

Park rangers discover human remains on North Carolina island

Authorities in North Carolina say they are trying to identify human remains that were discovered on a barrier island over the weekend.

Park Service: Outer Banks tourists tried to capture foal

The National Park Service is looking for three tourists who officials say tried to capture a month-old wild foal in the Outer Banks in an attempt to take some photos.

North Carolina shipwreck has become a hazardous attraction

A 72-foot-long fishing vessel that ran aground on North Carolina’s Outer Banks has quickly become a tourist attraction. But the National Park Service is warning people to stay away from the shipwreck for their own safety.

New island replaces old one off North Carolina coast

Two years after a newly formed North Carolina island was lost to storm surge, officials say a new one appears to be rising in its place on the Outer Banks.

14 miles of Blue Ridge Parkway closed in North Carolina

The National Park Service says it has closed 14 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway through southwestern North Carolina in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Pearl Harbor survivor dies at 97

One of three remaining USS Arizona crew members who survived the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor has died.

Coast Guard rescues 4 from shipwreck on North Carolina beach

The U.S. Coast Guard rescued four sailors from a fishing trawler that wrecked along a dangerous stretch of water near North Carolina's Outer Banks over the weekend.

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