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Saturday, October 24, 2020
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Admiral Gravely through the eyes of former aide

video Gravely was the first African American to be commissioned in the US Navy, the first to command a Navy ship and the first fleet commander. Melanie Higgins served as the admiral's top aide during his last tour of duty in 1980.

Alma Gravely in town to talk about upcoming commissioning

Mrs. Gravely had the honor of breaking the champagne bottle across the bow. She says she is humbled and knows her late husband would be proud.

Navy to commission ship in Wilmington

The US Navy announced that a 500-foot long guided-missile destroyer will be commissioned here this fall.

USS Kitty Hawk will have to stay in reserve

Don't look for an aircraft carrier coming up the Cape Fear River anytime soon. The USS Kitty Hawk is undergoing its decommissioning process and a Wilmington group wants it here.

USS Squall and Captain Cathey arrive in Wilmington

videoThe Navy warship USS Squall arrived in Wilmington Thursday. You will be able to tour it this weekend as a part of Riverfest. And if you are lucky, you will get the chance to meet its very unique captain.

USS North Carolina commissioned

videoShe is now officially the USS North Carolina. A crowd laden with veterans looked on as the flags that had flown that morning on the Battleship North Carolina were hoisted aboard the sub. Amidst extremely heavy security, the Secretary of the Navy was here to give the command that made it all official.

Sub dubbed USS North Carolina

Another Navy vessel is carrying a familiar name. A new nuclear submarine was christened USS North Carolina at a ceremony in Virginia Saturday. The $2.4 billion sub is the fourth in a new class of submarines designed for the post-Cold War era. It is also the fourth vessel to bear the name North Carolina, and the first since the Battleship North Carolina launched in 1940.

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