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Friday, September 18, 2020
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Tag: NC Board of Education

NC school board picks first facing takeover by outsiders

North Carolina's statewide school board has picked the first academically low-performing school to be taken away from local control and turned over to hired school operators.

Charter school trend slows as NC increases scrutiny for 2017

North Carolina school officials are slowing the pace of the expanding number of public charter schools cropping up around the state.

Report finds handful of charter schools on money watch list

Only about 4 percent of North Carolina's more than 150 charter schools are on a financial watch list tracking taxpayer money going to the non-traditional public schools.

Schools see extra tutoring for 3rd graders who can’t read

North Carolina public schools could be getting new money to tutor young children who haven't shown they can read at a third-grade level.

NC public schools: student gains slim, graduation rate up

More children are graduating North Carolina public schools, but only about a third of the 1.6 million students are on track with soaking up the knowledge they'll need for the rest of their lives.

NC schools must up their game for treating sports injuries

North Carolina schools will have to improve the quality of emergency help on hand when students suffer sports injuries.

NC schools assigned A through F grades on student results

About one out of 20 North Carolina public schools are getting an "A" while about 6 percent brought home an "F" on new statewide school report cards.

Judge orders NC schools to explain ‘academic double-speak’

The judge overseeing a 20-year-old lawsuit wants to know if North Carolina officials are trying to define their way out of their duty to educate all of the state's children.

NC school board approves new grading scale for high school

North Carolina high school students will have more leeway to earn better grades starting with the next academic year which begins in August.

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