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Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Tag: NC Department of Public Safety

Report: Inmate wore janitor’s uniform to escape from prison

A report from a North Carolina prison says an inmate who escaped put on a janitor's uniform and followed another employee out the door.

NC testing all prisoners for COVID-19

North Carolina plans to test all 31,000 offenders in state prison for COVID-19, according to a news release from the NC Department of Public Safety.

Prison workers get free testing; gear going to nursing homes

North Carolina government is offering widespread testing or protective equipment to workers in two of the more vulnerable living settings for COVID-19 outbreaks.

NCDPS: Hundreds of offenders in prison system ‘presumed’ recovered from COVID-19

The majority of offenders in the state prison system who tested positive for COVID-19 are now presumed to have recovered.

Virus directives mean hundreds more NC prisoners go home

North Carolina prison officials say nearly 200 inmates have been allowed to serve the rest of their sentences outside of prison to discourage the spread of COVID-19.

Prisoner at Neuse Correctional dies of COVID-19

A second prisoner in North Carolina has died of COVID-19.

Four cases of COVID-19 at Pender Correctional Institution

Four positive cases of the coronavirus have been reported at Pender Correctional Institution, according to a news release from Pender County.

NC releasing 500 prisoners to finish their sentence in the community

COVID-19 is posing safety concerns in the NC prison system. North Carolina Department of Public Safety officials say at least 500 inmates across the state’s prisons will be considered for early release, based on certain criteria.

Prisons in North Carolina to stop accepting new inmates from jails

To stop the spread of coronavirus, the North Carolina Division of Prisons will not accept offenders from the county jails and will dramatically reduce the transfers of offenders within the prisons for the next 14 days, according to a news release from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

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