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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Tags NC Division of Marine Fisheries

Tag: NC Division of Marine Fisheries

Star News: Head of NC Marine Fisheries resigns

The head of the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries resigned Monday afternoon.

Southeastern NC waters back open for oyster season

Nearly all of southeastern North Carolina's waters are now open for shellfish harvesting after heavy rains and floods left most areas polluted earlier this month.

Surfer questions fishing boats too close to shore

"Since we have to stay away from their pier, I think it would be nice if they had to stay away from our surf line," Small said.

Blue crabs top North Carolina’s commercial fishing catch

A new report shows that 2014 was a banner year for commercial fishing in North Carolina.

Captains angry over proposed log books

In Carolina Beach charter boat captains are mad about proposed new restrictions on their fishing expeditions. Wednesday they met with marine fisheries commissioners to discuss doing away with the proposals. Charter boat captains say new restrictions would just be too much but folks with the NC Division of Marine Fisheries don't agree.

Fishermen charged with having 16 times legal limit of red drum

videoTwo fishermen are facing charges after they were found with more than 16 times the legal limit of red drum.

Dozens of dead sharks wash ashore in Oak Island

video It was a shocking sight for some residents of Oak Island on the beach yesterday when about 50 sharks were lying by the shore dead. Dozens of sharks washed ashore ranging anywhere between 1 to 4 feet in size, now the NC Division of Marine Fisheries investigated the situation and they think they know the cause.

North Carolina’s seafood harvest dropping

videoNorth Carolina's seafood harvest is dropping. The News & Observer of Raleigh reported that the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries said the state's fish and shellfish harvest dropped last year to the lowest level in a decade.

Gill net setback to take effect on NC coast Sunday

State officials are set to enforce a rule which establishes a 100-yard gill net setback from most North Carolina ocean beaches to protect bottlenose dolphins.

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Sunset Beach councilwoman resigns during meeting over ‘lack of transparency’ and ‘skewed ethics’

Sunset Beach Town Councilwoman Jan Harris dramatically announced her resignation from the council Tuesday morning effective immediately.

Video captures dozens of sharks feeding below Surf City pier

While we all know sharks live in the ocean, capturing a close encounter with them is a neat experience.

NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher adding new otters to exhibit

The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher will soon expand its otter exhibit.