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Supreme Court to hear arguments on NC executions

The North Carolina Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments in a case that could change how the death penalty is administered.

NC court to hear case on death penalty process

The state Supreme Court will hear arguments that could help determine the future of the death penalty in North Carolina.

NC Supreme Court rejects Google incentives lawsuit

North Carolina's Supreme Court is rejecting a lawsuit filed by a few taxpayers over tax breaks used to lure Google Inc. to Caldwell County.

Boseman adoption ruled invalid

North Carolina's highest court has ruled an adoption method used by a same-sex couple where one partner already is the biological parent is invalid. The state Supreme Court ruled 5-2 on Monday in the case involving outgoing state Sen. Julia Boseman, ex-domestic partner Melissa Jarrell and Jarrell's son.

Boseman custody case could set same-sex adoption precedent

videoA state senator's custody battle could decide the future of same-sex adoption in North Carolina. In 2002 Sen. Julia Boseman's then partner Melissa Jarrell gave birth to a son. Three years later Boseman became the boy's second legal parent. But after the couple split up, Jarrell asked to have the adoption voided.

NC court: ‘Life’ inmates to continue sentences

North Carolina's Supreme Court says prisoners sentenced to life in prison more than 30 years ago should not qualify for credits that would allow them to go free.

Boseman-Jarrell custody battle heads to state Supreme Court

The North Carolina Supreme Court has agreed to hear the child custody case between State Sen. Julia Boseman and her ex-partner Melissa Jarrell.

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