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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Tags New Hanover County Board of Elections

Tag: New Hanover County Board of Elections

New Havover elections director starts Tuesday

The New Hanover County Board of Elections announces that Marvin McFadyen will assume the duties of Director on Tuesday.

New Hanover elections director quits

New Hanover County Elections Director Bonnie Williams is stepping down. Williams announced her resignation just months after she was under the microscope for mistakes made by the board of elections in November.

Commissioners vote to keep Airlie open to the public; election chair addresses problems

video It was a packed house at Monday's New Hanover County commission meeting as commissioners discussed some hot topics. From election mix-ups to preserving Airlie Gardens, county commissioners talked about ways to make New Hanover County a better place.

GOP wants hearing on New Hanover vote problems

The New Hanover County Republican Party wants an open hearing on problems voters had last week on Election Day.

Elections chair to face commissioners

Election Day is over, but the New Hanover County Board of Elections still has its hands full. After some problems with voting Tuesday, the chairman of the board is ready to face the music.

Commission chair wants answer about ballot mix-up

video Yesterday's election ballot mix-up has New Hanover County Commission Chair Jason Thompson wanting answers. Thompson says someone has to take responsibility for what went on with the ballots at Freedom Baptist Church and the Northeast Library.

Voters, candidates continue talk of voting problems

video We've seen problems in elections before, but now it's reaching a boiling point with some voters. Some New Hanover County voters have complained about voting machines not registering their votes correctly. One voter, who did not want to go on camera, told us he raised his hand for help, but it never came.

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New Hanover County School Board votes unanimously to rename Laney High Stadium

The New Hanover County School Board voted unanimously to remove Dr. Rick Holliday's name from the E.A. Laney High School's football stadium.

NCDHHS discusses the North Carolina impacts from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services held a press conference today to discuss the recent reports of rare blood clots related to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

Local reaction to Johnson and Johnson vaccine hold

The CDC and FDA recommended a pause on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine Tuesday morning. According to both, the vaccine has been connected to six cases of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis.

Lewis Strawberry Nursery & Farm begins strawberry picking season

After months of anticipation, the Lewis Strawberry Nursery now has thousands of ripe red strawberries ready for you to pick and enjoy.