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Emergency Management: ‘This is a significant threat for us’

New Hanover County Emergency Management is in go mode, and the Emergency Operations Center is now in place.

New Hanover Emergency Management on Hurricane Matthew: ‘We are not out of the woods...

Officials are still urging everyone to be prepared for impacts this weekend despite a shift in Hurricane Matthew's track.

Pleasure Island prepping for possible storm

Town leaders at Carolina and Kure beaches are taking steps to prepare for this weekend's storm forecast.

County leaders prep for hurricane season

New Hanover County leaders are getting ready for this hurricane season.

Experts share ideas, experiences handling crises

video The 26th annual Trauma and Emergency Symposium kicked off today at the Wilmington Convention Center.

Text-to-911 now an option in New Hanover County

videoBeginning today, 911 telecommunicators in New Hanover County can now receive text messages from customers of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Disaster preparedness fair educates public

video In honor of national disaster preparedness month, The Cape Fear Volunteer Center hosted a fair at the Independence Mall on Saturday. They were joined with the Wilmington Fire Department, Emergency Management, The National Weather Service, and Disaster One all which were giving out information to the public to prepared them for any disaster that could happen.

Storm clean up continues in New Hanover County

As we enjoyed gorgeous weather Friday, it is hard to believe we were battling ice just a couple of days ago. But thousands of people are still off the grid for the third day.

Emergency management employees honor life of dispatcher

video Employees with New Hanover County Emergency Management remembered the life of one of their own during a candlelight vigil Thursday night. Jeff Davis, 58, was a telecommunicator for the department for nearly two years. He died Tuesday from what is believed to be a heart attack.

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