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New Hanover to open up trash hauling for bids

videoMore companies will be given a chance to bid on a contract for hauling trash out of New Hanover County under a plan adopted by the board of commissioners Monday.

Commissioners to negotiate solid waste deal with Waste Industries

video After years of debate the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners has decided to take out the trash, and send it to Sampson County.

Landfill, neighbors seeing results in battle with birds

videoAfter being pooped on a number of times, workers at the New Hanover County Landfill are taking aim at their avian enemies. After getting a federal permit in may allowing the landfill to cull their seagull population, workers say they are seeing results.

Seagulls create health hazards at county landfill

videoSeagulls may seem more annoying then harmful, but what they are doing at the New Hanover County :andfill is potentially dangerous to employees and customers.

Residents dispose of hazardous waste properly

videoResidents of New Hanover County drove by the Customs Building at Wilmington International Airport today to dispose of potentially dangerous household items properly.

New Hanover OKs permit for expansion of county’s landfill

video The New Hanover County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to grant a special-use permit for the expansion of the county's landfill.

Electronics for Christmas? Remember you can’t just throw away old ones

Did you get a new TV for Christmas? How about a computer or cell phone? If so, don't throw away your old one. It's been illegal since July. But you have a few options to dispose of your old electronics.

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