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NHRMC recognized again for heart attack care

This award encourages medical staff to perform the most effectively and efficiently, on wheels and in the sky.

Life After Addiction: TIDES program aims to help women overcome opioid addiction

After a decade of addictive drug behavior which culminated in the use of opioids, Krista Turner found herself at a crossroads--either abort her unborn baby and continue abusing opioids or carry her baby full term and get help to stop her dependence on drugs. She chose the latter.

Life After Addiction: Former addict shares how opioids nearly destroyed her

Krista Turner started experimenting with dangerous drugs like hallucinogens when she was in her teens and her struggle with drug addiction continued about 10 years.

Local cardiologist awarded for reshaping stigma on heart health

One heart patient ran in the recent 2019 Boston Marathon with the help of a Wilmington cardiologist and that's why that doctor received an award Friday that will grant him recognition nationwide.  

19 places where you can take your unwanted medications Saturday

New Hanover Regional Medical Center is partnering with regional healthcare, law enforcement, and education and safety organizations to hold a medication disposal event in six counties Saturday.

Wilmington man meets paramedics who saved his life hours before hurricane

Imagine getting ready for a hurricane and then suddenly seeing your life flash before your eyes. That's what happened to Eric and Mimi Marquis.

NHRMC lifts flu visitation restrictions

New Hanover Regional Medical Center has lifted restrictions on children visiting due to a decrease in flu cases.

Dancin’ in the Park: YMCA and NHRMC team up for new fitness series

New Hanover Regional Medical Center and the YMCA want you to get fit at the Dancin' in the Park spring series starting on Saturday.

The ‘Web Device’ makes its North Carolina debut at New Hanover Regional Medical Center

The Web Device is a "one and done" procedure.

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