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Suspect taunted Trump before subway bombing, prosecutors say

A Bangladeshi immigrant arrested in a New York subway bombing mocked President Donald Trump on social media while on his way to carry out the botched suicide mission, authorities said as they brought federal charges against him Tuesday.

8 dead after truck plows into people in NYC in ‘cowardly act of terror’:...

New York Police Department are responding to a report of gunfire a few blocks from the World Trade Center site and memorial.

Salmonella sickens 150 people who attended chili and chowder cook-off

Health officials say about 150 people living in eight states have been sickened by salmonella after attending a chili cook-off in Virginia.

Man with cuffed wrist jokingly told neighbor he shot trooper

Police say after responding to the neighbor's 911 call, troopers determined Graumenz had made it all up.

Prize-winning Polish-US playwright Janusz Glowacki dies

Renowned Polish-U.S. playwright and screenwriter Janusz Glowacki, who won top prizes for his bitter, ironic analysis of the difficult lives of immigrants, died Saturday at 78.

Lawmaker seeks probe after AP reveals maggots in NY facility

A New York state lawmaker is demanding a federal investigation into New York state's care for the disabled following a recent Associated Press story that revealed the case of a man infested with maggots in a state-run group home.

Submarine owner detained over journalist’s disappearance

A Danish court ordered the owner of an amateur-built submarine Saturday held in pre-trial detention for 24 days while police investigate the disappearance of a Swedish journalist who had been on the ship before it sank.

First responders deliver baby on New York expressway

A New York woman who went into labor on an expressway exit ramp is thanking a group of emergency responders for delivering her baby.

North Korea tests missile that could threaten Los Angeles, Chicago or New York

North Korea launched another sophisticated missile Friday, one that could potentially hit the mainland U.S.

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