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Ithaca college student fatally stabbed on Cornell campus

Officials say an Ithaca College student was fatally stabbed and another student injured in a fight on Cornell University's campus.

NY Senator calls for ‘swift’ review of JFK airport scare

A federal lawmaker is questioning the security preparedness of New York City’s largest travel hub.

Man critically injured by explosion in New York’s central park

A man was critically injured in an explosion in New York's Central Park today, but it was not yet clear what caused the blast, police said.

Kellogg opening cereal cafe in NYC amid soggy sale

Kellogg is opening a cafe in New York as it pushes to reinvent cereal's soggy image.

NY Gov. Cuomo backs challenge to NC law limiting LGBT rights

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is supporting a legal challenge to North Carolina's new law limiting the rights of LGBT people.

Hillary Clinton says ‘victory is in sight’

Hillary Clinton is all but declaring victory in the Democratic primaries, telling raucous supporters in New York that the race for the nomination "is in the home stretch and victory is in sight."

NYC man accused of selling fake ‘Hamilton’ Broadway tickets

A New York City man accused of selling forged tickets to Broadway's hottest show has been indicted.

Sanders releases ‘New York Values’ ad

As the presidential candidates compete for votes in the New York primary next week, the Bernie Sanders campaign released a new ad Sunday night labeling himself a true New Yorker.

Small plane crashes on Long Island street, 2 hurt

A pilot and a passenger were injured when a single-engine airplane heading to upstate New York crashed on a street in a residential area on Long Island shortly after taking off from a nearby airport.

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