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Jury backs writer Sparks in employment lawsuit

A federal jury has sided with novelist Nicholas Sparks and the private Christian school he founded in his North Carolina hometown, dismissing claims by the school's former headmaster that he was unjustly fired, then slandered by the author.

Jury to weigh ex-school head’s lawsuit against writer Sparks

A jury will decide whether the former head of a private Christian school that novelist Nicholas Sparks founded in his North Carolina hometown was unjustly fired, then defamed when the author said the educator suffered from mental illness.

Novelist Sparks: Ex-school head started fires he put out

The private Christian school that novelist Nicholas Sparks founded in his North Carolina hometown was gripped by one small crisis after another and demanding too much of his attention until the headmaster he initially championed was cut loose, the writer said Thursday.

Jury selected in NC defamation lawsuit against author Sparks

A jury is ready to start hearing evidence in a federal lawsuit accusing novelist Nicholas Sparks of defaming the former headmaster of a private Christian school.

Nicholas Sparks’ latest novel focuses on Sunset Beach

Nicholas Sparks set “Message in a Bottle” and “Dear John” in Wrightsville Beach and “Safe Haven” in Southport. Now, the best-selling wonder boy moves farther along the coast, setting his latest book-length romance, “Every Breath,” in Sunset Beach.

Nicholas Sparks’ ‘The Choice’ premieres, local actors and film workers attend

But locals in the film industry seemed hopeful the industry will pick up as they checked out the premiere of a Nicholas Sparks’ movie which was filmed in the Cape Fear.

New Bern’s Nicholas Sparks asking readers to pick book cover

New Bern resident and famed author Nicholas Sparks is doing something different when it comes to the cover for his next novel. He's asking readers to choose the cover.

Trailer for locally-shot ‘The Longest Ride’ released

videoListen up, all Nicholas Sparks fans! The trailer for "The Longest Ride," which shot in the Wilmington area and other parts of North Carolina has been released.

Former headmaster accuses Nicholas Sparks of being racist, homophobic

videoBest-selling author Nicholas Sparks is being sued by a former Jewish headmaster of his school in New Bern, who accuses him of being a homophobic, anti-Semitic racist, according to a lawsuit.

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