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2015 sets record for most shark attacks, with 98 worldwide

Experts say 2015 saw a record-setting 98 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide, including 30 in Florida alone.

At least 48 people die as result of snowstorm that hit East

At least 48 people have died as a result of the mammoth snowstorm that pounded the Eastern U.S. The deaths included car accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning and heart attacks while shoveling snow.

Former teacher sentenced to 42 years in child porn case

A former Catholic high school teacher and coach who pleaded guilty to child pornography charges has been sentenced in Louisville to 42 years in prison.

NC lawmakers review ‘revenge porn’ law penalties

The Senate took up the bill with wide support earlier this week, but tabled a vote after one senator said the law's felony punishments went too far to punish teenagers "who do stupid stuff."

Duke Energy CEO getting pay raise year after coal ash spill

Duke Energy Corp. CEO Lynn Good is getting a raise a year after the country's largest electric company confronted a coal ash spill that coated 70 miles of a North Carolina river in sludge containing toxic heavy metals.

North Carolina considers law regulating virtual currencies

Legislators in America's second-largest banking center are considering regulations for Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

Brunswick County Schools prepare for state-wide performance grades

videoEvery school excluding alternative schools will be given an overall grade from A through F. State-wide performance grades were enacted by the 2013-2014 General Assembly.

Amazon shoppers in NC to pay sales tax

Online retailer Amazon says it will begin charging sales taxes on purchase made in North Carolina starting Feb. 1. Amazon sued the N.C. Department of Revenue in 2010 to block efforts to obtain names and addresses of North Carolina residents who bought items from the company.

This Day in NC History: Originally Carolana, for King Charles I

On October 30, 1629, England’s King Charles I granted much of what is North and South Carolina to his attorney general, Sir Robert Heath. The land was referred to as Carolana, meaning the “land of Charles.”

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