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Sampson County man ‘started yelling’ when he realized $200,000 win

For Jaleel Frederick of Clinton a $200,000 Triple Play top prize means he can buy his first home and start a new business.

Man on vacation wins $750,000 lottery prize in Brunswick County

While on vacation from Brooklyn, New York, Yong Chen scored a $750,000 Jumbo Bucks top prize.

Friends share Powerball jackpot win, keeping 1992 promise

A western Wisconsin man will share his millions in lottery winnings with a longtime friend because of a promise they made to each other nearly three decades ago.

‘It’s just amazing’ says Onslow County woman of $100,000 prize

For Annie Hart of Jacksonville, winning a $100,000 prize on a lottery ticket gives her the chance to buy her first home.

Beach vacation leads to $1M scratch-off win for North Myrtle Beach man

Robert Mills of North Myrtle Beach came up to North Carolina for a beach vacation and found himself the lucky winner of a $1 million prize.
Mega Millions

Friday’s $378 million Mega Millions jackpot ranks as largest in a year

In Friday’s Mega Millions drawing, North Carolinians have a chance to win a $378 million jackpot, the largest in a year.

North Carolina nurse’s good ‘fortune’ delivers her $100,000 win

Shiela Davis of Fayetteville won $100 on a $5,000,000 Fortune scratch-off before, but on Monday, the $20 ticket delivered her a $100,000 prize.

‘Major game changer’: Bladen woman wins $100K Cash 5 jackpot

Bernice Jessup of White Oak got off of work early and decided to stop for a few Cash 5 tickets—one of which won her a $100,000 jackpot and will help her start her own business.

After good day on golf course, Duplin County man sinks $100,000 prize

A stop for Gatorade after a good day on the golf course led to Michael Newberne sinking a $100,000 scratch-off prize.

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