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Friday, May 14, 2021
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Town of Oak Island is being sued

The Town of Oak Island is getting sued, again. The widow of the former town attorney has filed suit against Oak Island and its former chief building inspector, for negligence.

Oak Island Town Council meeting to discuss Yaupon Pier

Friday the Oak Island Town Council will meet in closed session to discuss the $1.7 million purchase of the Yaupon Pier.

Oak Island votes to buy Yaupon Pier

videoThe Oak Island Town Council voted to approve the purchase of the Yaupon Beach Pier Tuesday night. But with many development projects already underway on the island, its just another job on the busy town to-do list.

Troubleshooters: Oak Island update

WWAY has an update on the financial health of the town of Oak Island. Some of our viewers, including Oak Island's former mayor, have raised concerns that the town is on the verge of going broke.

Controversy in Oak Island continues

videoThe town of Oak Island is being sued by a developer who claims the town has repeatedly refused to release public documents about his project.

Troubleshooters: Oak Island budget concerns

videoOver the past few weeks, we have been telling you about concerns that residents in Brunswick County have with the Town of Oak Island. Now, the town's former mayor is worried about the town's skyrocketing budget.

Oak Island council votes in favor of annexation

The Oak Island Town Council voted today in favor of annexing the Oakwood Glen neighborhood and most of the Long Beach Road near the town's entrance.

Troubleshooters: Trouble getting answers in Oak Island

videoThe Town of Oak Island has had its fair share of problems recently. The police department is under investigation for sexual harassment. A member of the town planning board just got ousted from his job. The town is being sued for not releasing public records to a developer, and the town council is actively trying to annex two areas off the island, which is not going over very well.

Oak Island attorney issues statement on allegations

Oak Island's town attorney has issued a statement regarding allegations of sexual harassment in the town's police department.

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