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Dorian could create dangerous water conditions along the coast

Across the Cape Fear, we're tracking Dorian and looking at how it may affect us. Friday, Brunswick County community is watching and waiting to see what Dorian will do as it continues to barrel in the Atlantic. 

Keep it knee deep or less, if you’re not an experienced swimmer

High rip current risk at all Brunswick County beaches, Tuesday, and Oak Island is keeping an active radar for accidents after two water rescues this past week. 

Caught on Camera: Alligator on Oak Island beach

Alligators can show up nearly anywhere in the Cape Fear, but it's not often they are found on the beach. Mary Lewis Scoville says she was near the Oak Island Pier around 10:30 Thursday morning when she saw the alligator on the beach.

Oak Island Water Rescue warns about big float dangers

You've probably seen them on the beach: big blow-up rafts shaped like flamingos or unicorns. Now one water rescue group wants to issue a warning after an incident earlier this week.

Big floats create big headaches for water rescue

If you've been at the beach or out on the water this summer, you may have seen some of those giant floats that seem to be gaining popularity. They may be fun, but they're also creating headaches for some water rescue teams.

VIDEO: Crews rescue kaykers stuck in muddy oyster bed

The Brunswick County Sheriff's Office Marine Unit helped crews rescue two women who got stuck in muddy oyster beds in Oak Island Wednesday.

Father reacts to son’s death, blames lack of lifeguards

He was 24 years old, a father, and had just moved to the area. Sadly, Richard Mullins drowned over the weekend at a Brunswick County beach.

Oak Island Water Rescue asst. chief arrested for DWI

Oak Island Police say they arrested assistant Water Rescue chief Robert Reece Simmons for DWI yesterday after responding to the crash of a helicopter.

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