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Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Tag: Ocean Cure

Life rolls on for those with disabilities at Ocean Cure event

Saturday Ocean Cure held their annual Life Rolls on event, allowing people with disabilities to enjoy the ocean's surf in more ways than one.

Wilmington-area beaches strive to provide access for visitors, residents with disabilities

As the founder of Ocean Cure, Kevin Murphy’s mission is making sure people with physical disabilities enjoy the beach.

Wheelchair-friendly beach mat returns to sand in Carolina Beach

The wheelchair-accessible beach mat has returned to the sand in front of the Carolina Beach Boardwalk.

Wheelchair-accessible beach mat will return to Carolina Beach this summer

After several months of the being in limbo, non-profit Ocean Cure will be able to put down their wheelchair-accessible mats in Carolina Beach this summer. 

Ocean Cure remains hopeful that wheelchair-accessible beach mat will return to Carolina Beach

There is serious hope that a wheelchair-accessible beach mat could return to Carolina Beach this summer.

‘Beaches and Boots Witches Dance’ to benefit Ocean Cure

This year's popular "Beaches and Boots Witches Dance" in Carolina Beach will bring waves of good fortune to the non-profit Ocean Cure. 

Carolina Beach requests permit to bring back wheelchair-friendly mats

The Town of Carolina Beach and a local organization are both still pushing to bring back wheelchair-accessible beach mats.

Concerns from NC Wildlife may keep wheelchair-accessible mat from returning in Carolina Beach

The wheelchair accessible mats that have been laid out for years at Carolina Beach will most likely not be returning for the rest of 2020.

Wheelchair accessible mat will probably not return to Carolina Beach this year

The wheelchair-friendly accessible mat that was taken up prior to the Hurricane Isaias will probably not be placed back on the sand in Carolina Beach this year.

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Many people gather in downtown Wilmington for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival

Today you may have seen a sea of green in downtown, where many people gathered for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival to celebrate "Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day".

The first coding center for kids in Wilmington holds an open house

 The first coding center for kids in the area has officially opened up shop, and today it welcomed parents and kids to check out a fun way to learn about coding.

‘Love Me, Don’t Hurt Me’ event held to tackle issue of children’s safety in schools

Keeping children safe at school is a growing concern around the country and the Cape Fear. An event was held Saturday at the Derick Davis Center at Maides Park to take on the issue, with the theme being 'Love Me, Don't Hurt Me'.

Hundreds turn out for the annual Dragon Boat Regatta in Carolina Beach

Dozens of people competed for the top trophy and bragging rights in the annual Dragon Boat Regatta race Saturday afternoon.