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Bear paw print makes an impression on Outer Banks beach

National Park Service rangers are telling beachgoers at Cape Lookout to be on the lookout for a black bear.

Flyers stoke debate over reopening the Outer Banks

A flyer that’s being place on parked cars along part of North Carolina’s coast is telling visitors to go home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Pandemic could delay removal of grounded ship on Outer Banks

The coronavirus pandemic could delay the removal of a 72-foot long fishing vessel that has been grounded for weeks on a beach on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

Producer of Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks’ explains geography gaffe

The North Carolina-born producer of the Netflix series “Outer Banks” says it was an editing oversight which may have led some viewers to think Chapel Hill is a ferry ride away from the coast.

NC Ferry System: No route between Chapel Hill and the Outer Banks

The North Carolina Department of Transportation Ferry Division is weighing in on a new popular Netflix show. 

Wilmington creator talks about release of ‘Outer Banks’ on Netflix

The Netflix Original series 'Outer Banks' premiered on Wednesday. The creator and writer of the show Jonas Pate resides in Wilmington. 

Old military target washes up on North Carolina beach

A device that looks like an old mine has washed up on North Carolina's Outer Banks. But police say it's nothing to worry about it.

Bust of Orville Wright back in place at North Carolina memorial

The recovered bust of aviation pioneer Orville Wright is back on a pedestal next to the memorial honoring his and his brother’s achievements on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

Original Salvador Dali artwork discovered at NC thrift store

A piece of art donated to a North Carolina thrift shop ended up selling for $1,200 after a sharp-eyed volunteer found out it was created by Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí.

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