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Tom Petty died of an accidental drug overdose, family says

His wife and daughter released the results of Petty's autopsy via a statement on his Facebook page Friday night.

Police: Uber driver claims woman overdosed before dumping body

According to a Horry County police report, the Uber driver who is accused of dumping a woman body in Columbus County said she overdosed moments before.

Sheriff: Man dies from overdose, NC woman dumps body on side of road

A Sanford woman is accused of dumping the body of a man on the side of the road after he died from an overdose, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said.

North Carolina proposes opioid limits for injured workers

Injured workers would be limited in the amount of opioids they could receive under rules being considered by the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

Hampstead men arrested for DWI, drug charges and child abuse

Officials received multiple calls about two male suspects passed out in the travel lane of Randall Parkway with two children in the back seat.

On the front lines of drug crisis, US police split on Narcan

The sheriff of Clermont County firmly believes it's a call of duty for his deputies to carry a nasal spray that brings people back from the brink of death by drug overdose.

Man gets at least 3 years in prison for overdose death of girlfriend

Daniel Masciotti pleaded guilty in court Thursday to Involuntary Manslaughter, Conspiracy to Deliver Heroin, and Possession with Intent to Deliver Heroin.

Wilmington man overdosed behind wheel, pleads guilty to drug charges

A Wilmington man plead guilty after he passed out at the wheel because of an heroin overdose while driving down Carolina Beach Road.

Colorado doctors claim first marijuana overdose death

Two poison control doctors claim to have documented the first known case of death by marijuana overdose, sparking a medical debate over.

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