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Animal shelter gives away free animals

If you are looking to give an animal a forever home, you can check out the Pender County Animal Shelter.

Pender animal shelter under quarantine due to case of parvovirus

The Pender County Animal Shelter is under quarantine after discovering a case of canine parvovirus.

North Carolina ranks third in country for animal shelter kills

According to a new study, 55,900 animals were killed by shelters in North Carolina in 2018. That makes our state third in the country for most kills.

Pender Co. shelter may have to euthanize cats for first time in years

The Pender County Animal Shelter has hit capacity and need your help to get find some animals a new home.

Pender County: Move large animals to higher ground

At this point in the storm, if someone has large animals - horses, cattle, most livestock in general – owners need to move them to the highest elevation possible.

Pender Pawzapalooza brings family and pet-friendly fun!

Whether you have two legs or four, there's an event next weekend for the whole family to enjoy, pets included!
Abandoned catvideo

Kittens trapped inside box with packing tape saved by animal shelter

The Pender County Animal Shelter says Saturday morning, they found a box on their front steps sealed shut with packing tape. Staff thought it was a dead pet. Turns out, that wasn't the case.
AT&T fixed wirelessvideo

Broadband coming to rural parts of Pender County

Slow internet has plagued rural areas in Pender county for years. But AT&T made a special announcement tonight to help the people with their internet concerns.

Pender County woman raises enough money to keep pets in the shade for summer

Nan Burns decided to take matters into her own hands after raising enough money to order car ports, so animals would not suffer in the summer heat.

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