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Pender Commissioners don’t approve animal shelter security cameras

video Pender County leaders say they have been working for months to get security cameras installed at the animal shelter. They say most of the buildings that are county-owned have these types of camera.

Pender animal shelter passes re-inspection

video Last week the Pender County animal shelter was the point of allegations. Two weeks ago, inspectors found animals not being properly cared for but those problems seemed to be corrected. The shelter passed a re-inspection Monday.

Pender County animal shelter fails inspection report

video Complaints are mounting about problems at the Pender County Animal Shelter. Allegations include theft of county property, misuse of donated materials, abuse of animals and other misconduct.

FIRST ON 3 AND THE POST & VOICE: Accusations of misconduct at Pender Animal...

video Strong accusations of misconduct by Pender County Animal Shelter employees were brought before county commissioners Monday. A group of shelter volunteers, lead by Greg Campbell of Hampstead, brought allegations of theft of county property, misuse of materials donated to the shelter, abuse of animals, and other misconduct.

Pender deputy defends how animal shelter is run

video We've reported before about problems at the Pender County Animal Shelter. Now shelter volunteers are unhappy with the facility's management, and they blame the sheriff's deputy now in charge. Lt. Keith Ramsey says he's just following protocol.

ONLY ON 3: Neglected hounds put burden on Pender shelter

video The Pender County Animal Shelter is already overcrowded as several outdoor kennels are out of service during renovations. The situation got worse earlier this week when 12 more dogs arrived. Animal Control brought in the hounds after getting calls from neighbors that the dogs were being neglected.

Pender shelter dogs spared

It looks like a happy ending for the dogs at the Pender County Animal Shelter.

Time is running out for homeless dogs

videoTime is running out for the homeless dogs in Pender County. Shelter workers say all the outdoor kennels will be torn down this week, and they don't have enough room to keep all the dogs they have indoors. That means some animals may be put down.

Pender shelter looking to foster dogs during renovations

The Pender County Animal Shelter needs your help. The shelter is undergoing renovations, which will displace 30 dogs currently in kennels. Shelter workers say if the dogs are not adopted or fostered by Thursday, they will be put down.

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