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Pender shelter must move dogs for renovation

After failing a state inspection, the shelter must renovate its septic system. As a result at least 60 dogs need to be relocated by the end of the month.

Boy spends days in cold to help animals in shelter

video Twelve-year-old Ari Garsh is spending his Christmas break collecting supplies for animals in the Pender County Animal Shelter.

Shelter flush with dog house donations, still needs other items

video Dogs living outside at the Pender County Animal Shelter now have shelter from the wind. Thanks to the overwhelming response from our viewers, every dog now has its own house.

Pender shelter needs dog houses

video Old man winter has made an early visit to the Cape Fear. That's bad news for the Pender County Animal Shelter, where there are too many dogs outside and not enough houses to keep them out of the cold.

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