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New Congressional map would split New Hanover, Pender

A new plan to redraw Congressional districts in North Carolina would radically change the way southeastern North Carolina is represented in Washington. Meanwhile, the two men who planned to run for the 7th District Congressional seat still plan to run in that district, regardless of where it is.

Burgaw teams dominate state championship week for Dixie Youth softball tournament

video The state championship for Dixie Youth softball concluded in New Hanover County on Wednesday. Want to see the winning teams? Want to see a few celebrations? We've got it.

Flight 22 Blizzard Athletics team falls short in the finals of Myrtle Beach AAU...

video Wilmington has an all-star AAU basketball team. They're a strong squad, but they couldn't keep up with another team from North Carolina on Tuesday, a team that has players committed to both Wake Forest and Virginia Tech.

Big Shots AAU basketball tourney in Myrtle Beach brings out big name college coaches

video July is one of the few months college basketball coaches can watch high school basketball players in person. Loads of college coaches watched the hoops action in Myrtle Beach on Thursday. WWAY was there to see the coaches watch the Flight 22 Blizzard Athletics team that is based out of Wilmington.

Smoke, fog to stick around till afternoon

A dense smoke advisory is in effect for our area until 11 a.m. The smoke from the Juniper Road Fire burning in the Holly Shelter Game Land has combined with fog to reduce visibility significantly.

Hagan brings listening tour to Wilmington, to make other stops in area

Sen. Kay Hagan brings her budget listening tour and "Conversations with Kay" to southeastern North Carolina next week.

High school basketball teams continue to hoop it up in the summer

video Even though it's late June most high school athletes are not spending all of the waking hours at the beach surfing or swimming. If they want playing time on the basketball court this winter they're more than likely playing hoops even though it's the start of the high school basketball season is still five months away.

Severe weather causes commotion for drivers; no relief for wildfires

video Severe weather rolled into the region early Wednesday afternoon, flooding streets and cars across the Cape Fear. Although the area has been in a serious drought over the last couple of months, the instantaneous rush of water caused by the heavy rain overwhelmed the area.

NC beaches receive good marks in US Beach Report

videoWith the 4th of July holiday quickly approaching, folks making their way to North Carolina beaches are making a good decision. The 2011 US Beach Report ranked the Tar Heel State's beaches seventh out of the 30 coastal and Great Lakes states.

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