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Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Tag: Pender County Schools

Topsail HS EV team wins 7th national title

The team collected 11 trophies including first and third overall. This was the seventh year in a row that the EV Team won first overall in the SMARTT Challenge competition against high schools from as far away as Iowa and Miami.

Pender school leaders don’t like Perdue’s budget

The school system's finance director says about nine percent of full-time teachers could be cut due to budget reductions. Many say they've suffered enough from past budget cuts.

Pender NAACP wants school board chair to quit

For six months the Pender County NAACP has been investigating Pender County School Board Chair Tom Roper. Today the civil rights group released its findings, calling for Roper to resign.

Pender Post: NAACP done with school district investigation

Pender Post editor Andy Pettigrew will discuss the story with Marcy Cuevas tomorrow on Good Morning Carolina.

Teaching assistants left out of Pender budget

There will be some noticeable absences when Pender County Schools start up next week. The school district does not yet have a finalized budget, but School Board Chair Tom Roper said TAs currently are not budgeted for.

Pender grads earn diploma and associate degree as well

Some students in Pender County are graduating high school with more than just a diploma. They're also leaving with an associate's degree. Pender Early College High School is making this a possibility.

Sex ed choices could be available for parents

State lawmakers want to give parents more input in the classroom when it comes to sex education. A bill making its way through the state legislature would give parents the option of their children learning about sex beyond the current abstinence-only curriculum.

Black History lesson proves out of this world

videoEach day this month middle school students from around our area have shared with us stories of famous African-Americans as part of Black History Month. But when West Pender Middle School student Fred White was assigned to research the first black astronaut, he wound up with a truly out-of-this-world experience.

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WWAY 5th Quarter: March 5, 2021

Week two of the high school football season didn't disappoint across the Cape Fear with 11 teams in action. Sports Director Tanner Barth brings you all highlights and final scores on this weeks 5th Quarter.  

Driver crashes into a P.T.’s Grille

Earlier this week, a driver accidentally drove right into a P.T.'s Grille.

Whiteville native makes it to American Idol

A born and bred Columbus County man will soon be on TV screens across the nation.

Church takes communion from the pulpit to the parking lot

Port City Community Church  held a drive thru communion Friday, hoping to reach out to church members who still feel unsafe coming to in-person services.