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Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Tag: Pender County Utilities

Pender County Utilities offers COVID-19 Hardship Payment Plan

Pender County Utilities customers may take advantage of a COVID-19 Hardship Payment Plan.

Water main break in Hampstead impacts 100 homes

Pender County Utilities' water customers on Dogwood Lane in Hampstead and all side roads and neighborhoods off Dogwood Lane are impacted by a water main break.

Many Pender County Utilities customers without water

Due to a water main break and other Hurricane Dorian related failures, water service for Pender County Utility customers is either unavailable or below normal pressure.

Mandatory water restrictions lifted in eastern Pender County

Mandatory water restrictions are no longer in effect in eastern Pender County, but the county still wants you to conserve.

Brunswick County declares conservation alert

Brunswick County has declared a Stage 1 Water Conservation Alert to ensure adequate water is available for essential needs. The alert comes after days of high temperatures and little rain.

Hampstead planter warned about dry conditions prior to water shortage emergency

The county has issued a stage 3 water shortage emergency restricting irrigation. It's impacting not only neighbors, but businesses who rely on the systems for lawn work.

Pender County: No drought surcharge as water shortage emergency continues

Pender County leaders say the county will not charge water customers in a drought surcharge during the water shortage emergency in the eastern part of the county.

Pender County Utilities issues water shortage emergency

A water shortage emergency for Pender County Utilities water users in Hampstead and Scott's Hill areas until further notice.

Pender County Utilities to waive late fees

Due to the impact of Hurricane Florence and related delays in the delivery of mail, the Pender County Utilities Department will not charge late fees or performing service cut-offs in September.

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