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Local woman celebrates 100th birthday

Pender county woman celebrates 100th birthday and explains her secret to a long life.

Drill tests emergency readiness at area hospitals

video An accident on I-40 is bad enough, but if it's a semi full of chemicals, it's much worse. That was the scenario for a readiness test of area medical facilities that took place today.

Law enforcement wants Pender Memorial to hire private security

video They provide vital services to the citizens of Pender County, but budget issues may keep law enforcement from continuing to help Pender County's only hospital.

Area hospitals get report card; Some grades good – many “average”

A recent study done by a healthcare information service company points to some strong points and apparent deficiencies in the quality of care offered by area hospitals - reports the Greater Wilmington Business Journal.

Pender Memorial Hospital receives major funding

Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden was in Duplin County where a small rural health clinic received major funding from the federal government. Thursday, Pender Memorial Hospital announced it is getting $75,000 for upgrades.

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