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Pharoah McKever living out dream in Pittsburgh

As the Pittsburgh Steelers look to add to their NFL record 6 Super Bowl titles, we hope to add another local star to our list of players to make 53 man rosters. Pharoah McKever looks to be that next name.

Report: David Tepper finalizes Panthers purchase

It looks like a deal is finalized in Charlotte for a new owner of the Carolina Panthers. After months of record-setting bidding, David Tepper reportedly reached an agreement to purchase the Panthers.

South Columbus grad signs with Steelers

After all the dust settled in Dallas on Saturday, South Columbus graduate Pharoah McKever did not hear his name called during the draft. But he did get a phone call after it was over.

Chief resigns after labeling Steelers’ Tomlin with slur

A Pittsburgh-area volunteer fire chief has lost his post after using a racial slur to describe Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.

Pittsburgh Steelers chairman Dan Rooney passes away

Pittsburgh Steelers chairman Dan Rooney, one of the NFL's most influential and popular executives, has died.

Steelers Mendenhall sues Champion over tweet dispute

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall is suing for $1 million in damages after his tweets about Osama bin Laden and Sept. 11 led the Champion sports apparel company to drop his endorsement deal.

Super Steelers fan remains loyal long after move to Port City

video Football games are almost as tough and emotional for fans as they are for the players. The biggest football game of the year is two days away, and Packers and Steelers fans across the nation are preparing. We met a Wilmington woman who is still loyal to her Steel City roots.


Now that we know who will face whom in the Super Bowl, we want to know who their biggest fans are in the Cape Fear. If you know a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan, or a GIANT Green Bay Packers fan (and we're talking dedicated, hard-core fan here, not fair-weather), email us their information at newsroom@wwaytv3.com.

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