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Candidate Profile: 9th District Senate candidate Jim Leutze

videoWe continue our series of candidate profiles. This week we're focusing on the 9th District state Senate race. Tonight we meet the man behind UNCW for more than a decade. Now Democrat Jim Leutze has his eyes on Raleigh.

Candidate Profile: New Hanover Co. Commission candidate Sid Causey

video Tonight we wrap up the last of our candidate profiles for New Hanover Co. Commission. Sid Causey is best known for his time serving as Sheriff, but he now wants to serve the county as commissioner.

VOTE 2010: Democrats – McIntyre leading Pantano in poll

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today released a new Grove Insight poll that shows Representative Mike McIntyre leading Republican challenger Ilario Pantano by 11 percent.

VOTE 2010: New York Times predicts Pantano victory

Based on polling, expert forecasts, fundraising, past election returns and other indicators, this is the prediction of how the district will vote on Nov. 2....

VOTE 2010: Pantano – McIntyre made wrong choice to attack

Anonymous attack website run by state party slanders Pantano’s family, while McIntyre’s “Push Polling” fuels a whisper campaign of lies about Pantano’s honorable service as a Marine in Iraq.

VOTE 2010: Patterson wants to know why Hill closed stores

On October, 11th Tristan Patterson stands outside of a closed up Hills Home Run gas station with a former employee who said they arrived at work Friday and were told “Go home, you no longer have a job!”

VOTE 2010: Final town hall forum between McIntyre and Pantano tonight

The final town hall forum between Congressman Mike McIntyre and his Republican opponent Ilario Pantano is scheduled for tonight. It's being sponsored by the Alliance of Brunswick County Property Owners Association. Watch it tonight at 7:00 p.m. on WWAY NewsChannel 3.

VOTE 2010: U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorses McIntyre

The Chamber of Commerce of the United Stated of America, the world’s largest business federation, has endorsed Congressman Mike McIntyre for re-election because of his strong pro-jobs and pro-business record.

DA hopes to decide on ex-NC gov case in next month

The prosecutor reviewing whether former North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley or others violated campaign finance laws says he hopes to decide in the next month if he'll pursue criminal charges.

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