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VOTE 2010: Civitas Institute debuts interactive “Vote Tracker Tool”

This interactive Tracker, updated daily, allows citizens to view one-stop voting statistics for their area by searching categories such as county, precincts and legislative districts.

VOTE 2010: GayPatriot.net supports Pantano

GayPatriot is the internet home for American gay conservatives and hailed as "the most reliably conservative gay blog on the Internet."

Elections chief says ‘no conspiracy’ in voting machine glitch

video Accuracy is one of the most important things voters care about during elections, but there are questions in New Hanover County after voting machines were casting the wrong votes.

Burr campaign reports $1.6 Million raised this quarter

The Richard Burr Committee announced today that the campaign has raised more than $1.6 million for the third fundraising quarter of 2010, bringing total cash-on-hand to $2.9 million.

ONLY ON 3: McIntyre says he’ll support Pelosi opposition if reelected

videoMike McIntyre says he's focused on the task at hand: keeping his seat in Congress. But many voters want to know about his support for controversial House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. McIntyre, a moderate Blue Dog Democrat, says he won't support her to be Speaker again if reelected.

One Stop Voting begins

video November 2 will be here before you know it, but you don't have to wait that long to cast your ballot. One Stop Voting began today.

Candidate profile: 9th District Senate candidate Thom Goolsby

video Republican Thom Goolsby is one of the better known attorneys in town. The 14-year resident of Wilmington says he could not stand on the sideline anymore, as the politicians in Raleigh continue to put North Carolina in a bad spot.

VOTE 2010: NRA endorses Goolsby

The NRA has officially endorsed Thom Goolsby in his bid for the 9th District seat in the North Carolina Senate.

VOTE 2010: While McIntyre distances himself from Democrats, the party helps buy him...

Congressman Mike McIntyre's message this election season is that he works for the people in his district, not Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and not necessarily the Democratic Party as a whole. But the Congressman didn't turn down help today from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which is buying TV time in the market to counter challenger Ilario Pantano's push.

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