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VOTE 2010: NRCC targets Mike McIntyre over Social Security

Scaring voters about what could happen to Social Security if your opponent wins the election is a time-honored tradition in political ads, especially when Democrats are making the accusation. But in something of a twist, the National Republican Congressional Committee -- the campaign arm of House Republicans -- is using Social Security as a cudgel against a Democrat, seven-term Rep. Mike McIntyre of North Carolina.

VOTE 2010: Campaign signs vandalized as races heat up

video The Congressional race between Mike McIntyre and Ilario Pantano has gotten so nasty people are actually stealing private property. For the second time, Matt DiGioia's giant Pantano sign has been taken from his commercial property.

VOTE 2010: Former NYC Mayor Giuliani endorses Pantano

The Pantano for Congress Campaign announced today that they have received the endorsement from Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York who is affectionately known as America’s Mayor.

VOTE 2010: McIntyre challenges Pantano to Social Security pledge

video It's getting down to the wire for Vote 2010. As time runs out, candidates are scrambling to get every last advantage. Some candidates are coming up with any way to get their name and face out there one last time before Tuesday.

Candidate profile: 8th District Senate candidate David Redwine

video The race to take over R.C. Soles's 8th District Senate seat started smoothly, but as Election Day nears the battle for that seat is heating up. Last night we met Republican Bill Rabon. Tonight we meet David Redwine, the man trying to keep the seat on the Democratic side of the aisle in Raleigh.

VOTE 2010: ABCNews – Former U.S. Marine Ilario Pantano running race against backdrop of...

Several military veterans running for Congress face questions about actions.

VOTE 2010: Civitas Poll – 16-point flip toward Republicans on state legislative generic...

Since the 2008 elections, the North Carolina General Assembly has seen a 16-point flip in support from Democrats to Republicans on the legislative generic ballot, according to a new poll released today by the Civitas Institute.

Candidate profile: 8th District Senate candidate Bill Rabon

videoFor the first time in decades, the 8th Senate District will have a new voice in Raleigh. For 34 years that seat has been filled by Democrat R.C. Soles, who is retiring. The battle to replace him is between Democrat David Redwine and Republican Bill Rabon.

New Hanover Co. candidates discuss hot topics

video Time is ticking and elections are just days away. New Hanover County held not just one or two forums but three different forums. Senate, school board and county commission candidates had one last chance to make their pitches to voters.

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