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Election Day 2008 Poll Results

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Presidental candidates healthcare plans

videoThe presidential election is just weeks away, and many people believe the new president will be vital in changing and turning this country around. Some people feel that the candidate’s plan on some crucial issues are unclear and has left them with more questions than answers.

Campaign interview with McCain journalist

videoWith three weeks to go until Election Day, a lot of people involved in the campaigns are looking forward to going home, including the journalists whose job it is to go along for the ride.

Local reactions to McCain event

videoThe McCain supporters who did not make it inside the Schwartz Center watched on the lawn on a jumbotron.

Senator Soles confronted by opponent at campaign event

videoThere were some awkward moments today at a campaign stop for Senator R.C. Soles.

Political ads heat up

videoPolitical ads are seemingly everywhere as candidates try to reach voters.

More problems for Senator R.C. Soles

videoThe troubles continue for state Senator R.C. Soles. Mr. Soles has a law practice in the Columbus County town of Tabor City, and has recently had a number of run-ins with clients and ex-clients.

Perdue to miss southeastern NC debate

Bev Perdue is hiding. That is what her Republican opponent in the governor's race said about her decision to skip a debate in southeastern North Carolina for the second time this fall.

Local interest in Democratic National Convention

videoAs the Democratic Convention kicked off last night, people eagerly gathered around their televisions.

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