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NHC Board of Elections is gearing up for November

videoThe November election is expected to draw a record number of voters. To make the voting process as smooth as possible, there will be more polling sites open for early voting, as well as more workers.

College students and presidential politics

videoThe campaign for president is heating up. One big factor will be getting the young vote.

Local GOP officials choose nominee

State representative Sandra Spaulding-Hughes now has an opponent for the November election.

Ray Gilbert in race for Brunswick County School Board

Ray Gilbert is back in the race for the Brunswick County School Board.

Thomas Wright back in court

Three months after being sent to prison, former State Rep. Thomas Wright was back in court today.

Obama to visit Charlotte on Monday

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama plans to visit North Carolina and two other Southern states where his campaign thinks he can win or, at least, make inroads.

Former Sen. Jesse Helms Dies at 86

Long-time North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms died of natural causes in Raleigh during the early hours of July 4.

Troubleshooters: Low turnout in runoff elections

videoOne-point-nine percent. That was the turnout for yesterday's state wide runoff election to choose a Democratic candidate for labor commissioner of North Carolina.

Kay Hagan makes campaign stop in Wilmington

Even though we are not in her district, state Senator Kay Hagan campaigned in Wilmington today.

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