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Edwards seeks to show a rich man can care about poor

Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards has a ready answer the criticism about his expensive haircuts and huge home.

Obama heads to Edwards territory for fund-raiser

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is coming into John Edwards' territory today for a fund-raiser while Edwards is unveiling his health care policy in Michigan.

Democrats clash on war on terror, Iraq

A year and a-half before the election, the Democrats who want to be president have faced each other in another joint appearance. Sunday night's TV debate was broadcast by CNN from New Hampshire, which holds the leadoff primary. The dominant themes were once again Iraq and how to keep the nation secure.

Edwards says best way to honor veterans is to end war in Iraq

Presidential hopeful John Edwards says Americans should speak out against the war in Iraq this Memorial Day weekend, renewing a call that's come under criticism.

Poll shows Republican Romney, Democrat Edwards lead in Iowa

Republican Mitt Romney and Democrat John Edwards are atop a poll of likely Iowa caucus voters, and activists say that's because they've spent so much time and energy in that state.

Giuliani, Edwards pledge to act on their Sudan financial holdings

Aides to presidential candidates Rudy Giuliani and John Edwards say neither men knew their financial holdings included investments in companies that do business in Sudan.

Second Republican debate contentious

The three leading Republican presidential candidates worked to establish their conservative credentials in a debate among ten candidates last night in Columbia.

Edwards: hedge fund job shouldn’t overshadow his work on poverty

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards argues that his work for a hedge fund shouldn't overshadow his efforts on poverty and other issues after the 2004 campaign.

Political leaders react to Wright’s resignation

The Thomas Wright probe began last December, when political consultant Joe Sinsheimer filed a formal complaint against the Wilmington Democrat. Sinsheimer accused the State Representative of filing misleading campaign finance reports. The State Board of Elections then began to look into the matter.

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