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Many questions, few answers about Bladen Co. Improvement Committee

video Last month, we did a series of reports on Get out the Vote activities in Bladen County, where candidates pay people to round up votes for them. We received a number of calls in response to those reports saying we never mentioned the biggest player of all in the Bladen Get out the Vote arena.

SBI opens probe of Perdue campaign flights

SBI spokeswoman Noelle Talley said Friday that the bureau's professional standards division began the investigation at the request of Wake County District Attorney Colon Willoughby.

Spending Revolt Bus rolls into Port City

Mad about the government wasting money, the Spending Revolt Bus rolled into Wilmington today. The bus is on its way to Washington, DC, but today it made stops in five North Carolina cities.

Wilmington man gets $100k fine for political donations

The North Carolina Board of Elections has fined a Wilmington businessman $100,000 for his role in funneling illegal donations to the campaigns of Gov. Beverly Perdue and others.

VOTE 2010: Civitas Poll: Republicans lead in generic North Carolina legislative ballot

A new poll released this week by the Civitas Institute reveals that Republican candidates are currently leading Democrats by 11 percent on the state legislative generic ballot, the largest lead in the history of Civitas polling.

Political messages help burger joint’s business

He's a local businessman who's not afraid to speak his political mind. At his restaurant on Carolina Beach Road Richard French has several political signs lining his business with the names of conservative candidates he supports.

VOTE 2010 FYI: Some of the Pantano / McIntyre propaganda we get

We thought you'd find it interesting to see what kind of email we get from the Pantano and McIntyre campaigns and the NRCC on a daily basis. Here are a few from the last couple of days:

VOTE 2010: Pantano supporters start viral e-mail campaign against McIntyre ad

Democratic Congressman Mike McIntyre latest political ad is drawing some vocal criticism from his opponent's supporters. In the ad, McIntyre claims Republican Ilario Pantano wants to raise taxes 23 percent.

VOTE 2010: Veterans of Foreign Wars PAC endorses McIntyre

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Political Action Committee Board of Directors has endorsed Congressman Mike McIntyre for re-election.

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