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Edwards calls on Democrats to bar lobbyists’ money

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards was the party's top fundraising organizations to stop accepting money from federal lobbyists.

Edwards: Wife’s criticism of Obama, Clinton consistent with his

Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards not only supports his wife's criticism of rivals Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton -- he was thinking the same thing.

Edwards says ‘goodbye’ to Rove

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards didn't have much to say in reaction to the announcement that senior White House adviser Karl Rove was resigning. But his feelings were clear.

Democrats answer YouTube questions

The race for the White House has moved squarely into the age of the internet. Real voters got to ask their own questions of the democratic presidential candidates at a debate Monday night through YouTube video submissions.

Council Members vying to keep seats

The deadline has passed and the candidates are ready to go. A dozen candidates have filed to run for the Wilmington City Council. Some of them are already speaking out. Laura Padgett has been on Wilmington's City Council for 12 years and is running to keep her seat.

Democratic hopefuls prepare for debate

Not much campaigning today for the Democratic presidential candidates, who are preparing for a debate tonight at The Citadel in Charleston.

Almond resigns from N.C. House one day after allegations surface

Two-term Republican State Representative David Almond has resigned from the Legislature due to an unspecified personnel complaint filed with House leadership.

Edwards seeks to show a rich man can care about poor

Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards has a ready answer the criticism about his expensive haircuts and huge home.

Obama heads to Edwards territory for fund-raiser

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is coming into John Edwards' territory today for a fund-raiser while Edwards is unveiling his health care policy in Michigan.

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