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Campaign race for state Senate gets heated

video The mud slinging in this race started months ago with a video made by Michael Lee's committee. According to Lee, the knock-off political Jib Jab video puts humor into Thom Goolsby's campaign video in which Goolsby claims he's not a politician.

Political double talk? McCrory endorses Breazeale and Pantano

video Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory spent the weekend on the campaign trail in Wilmington. The 2008 Republican nominee for governor endorsed Will Breazeale back in January, but he's also endorsing Ilario Pantano. How can that be? McCrory says he likes both of them.

One Stop Voting starts Thursday

One Stop Voting ends May 1. The primary election is May 4.

Independent candidates have different challenges

video Candidates are working on getting financial and political support for this year's election. It's a tough enough road for Republicans and Democrats, but running as an independent is a whole other ball game.

Soles among effective senators leaving office

The North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research says at least five of the 16 most effective senators have resigned or won't seek reelection.

Have questions for New Hanover Co. Commission candidates? Send them in!

The New Hanover County Senior Center is hosting a forum for County Commission candidates next week. We want to ask your questions.

Mourners say goodbye to Burney

Wilmington lost a long-time civic leader over the weekend. John Jay Burney Jr. passed away at his home on Saturday. He was 85.

Voters share issues, breakfast with lawmakers

Politics was on the menu this morning at the New Hanover County Government Center. Voters chatted with state and national representatives at the League of Women Voters' annual Breakfast with Your Legislators.

Burr defends delaying Senate committee meeting

While he was in Wilmington today we asked Sen. Richard Burr about some widespread criticism he's been getting. A week ago the Republican lodged an objection that postponed a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting that included military leaders brought in from around the world.

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