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North Carolina Congressional race

videoSo far this week we've talked with an expert about what to expect from the presidential candidates. Today, we take a look at the two races to represent our area in congress.

North Carolina’s role in the upcoming presidential election

videoElection day is still nearly five months away, but with the campaigning already in high gear, we wanted to know what we can expect here in North Carolina.

NC governors candidates agree to take part in five debates

The two major candidates for governor of North Carolina say they've agreed to hold five debates leading up to Election Day.

Election effects on local business

videoNow that we have our two presumptive presidential candidates, we can turn our focus to the changes voters and the candidates want to see.

Was the presidential primary season too long?

videoWas it long and drawn out, or an exciting contest? That was the two views voters had about one of the longest presidential primary seasons in history.

Women candidates successful in NC

State Schools Superintendent June Atkinson says the success of women candidates in last week's primary show North Carolinians are progressive.

Easley endorses Perdue for governor

Governor Mike Easley says Lieutenant Governor Bev Perdue will be a great governor because she understands the importance of education to North Carolina's economy.

Pittenger, Dalton win primary races for lieutenant governor

A pair of state senators seeking higher office will meet in November to see which of them will be the next lieutenant governor.

Hagan, Dole to meet in US Senate election

U.S. Senate candidate Kay Hagan didn't spend much time celebrating her convincing victory in the Democratic primary.

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