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Election Day is November 6 in Brunswick, Pender Counties

For voters in Pender County registration ends Friday. If you are unable to get you registration in the newly implemented "one stop voting" can help.

Saffo, Padgett support convention center

videoThe two definite decisions from Tuesday's elections were Mayor Bill Saffo and Council Member Laura Padgett, both favor the convention center.

November runoff to decide two council seats

videoWilmington city elections resulted in a clear winner for the mayor's office and for one of the three open city council seats. We'll be going back to the polls to decide the other two seats in a runoff next month. Laura Padgett was the only Council candidate to win a seat in Tuesday's election.

Wilmington Election Results, Oct. 9

View election results here. Results are being updated.

City Council candidates to have runoff

With 12 candidates in the race for City Council a runoff appeared almost inevitable. And so it is.

Saffo to stay in mayor’s office

videoBill Saffo stays in the mayor's office. He pulled away from former Mayor Harper Peterson in convincing fashion as the night went on. Justin LaNasa finished a distant third. People cleared out of the government center at about 10:30 Tuesday night. It took a little longer than usual to get the vote totals because this year, the Board of Elections had poll workers drive the votes in instead of phone them in as in years past.

Polls closed, officials total results

Voters had until 7:30 p.m. to cast their ballots for Wilmington mayor and three City Council candidates. Then came the counting.

Some voters confused by polling stations

videoPoll workers said turnout was a bit lower than expected. They said some voters were confused about where they should go. If you're not sure which precinct you're in you can call the Board of Elections at 798-7330.

New Hanover County voters had chance to register, vote on same day

New Hanover County voters had the opportunity to register and vote all on the same day, but the cutoff to do so was three days ago.

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