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New Hanover County voters had chance to register, vote on same day

New Hanover County voters had the opportunity to register and vote all on the same day, but the cutoff to do so was three days ago.

Poll workers see stream of voters

The polls opened at 6:30 Tuesday morning. Poll workers say they generally saw a slow, steady stream of early morning voters.

City to elect Mayor, 3 council members

videoIt's Election Day in Wilmington Tuesday and the three candidates vying for mayor spent Monday doing some last-minute campaigning. In some cases that meant going door-to-door. The candidates were busy meeting people, handing out information and just getting their names out there.

City Council candidates getting message out in final hours before election

videoIt's getting down to the wire. Candidates running for Wilmington City Council have less than 24 hours left to get their message out to the public.

Daily Filings for Elective Office – 2007

Wilmington Candidate address Office Date Filed Mayor (1 seat) Bill Saffo - Dem 1807 Odyssey Drive, 28403 Mayor 7/6/2007 Council...

Wrightsville Beach Merchants Association holding public forum Monday night

The Wrightsville Beach Merchants Association is holding a public forum Monday night so residents can get a chance to hear from all seven alderman candidates.

Convention center big topic in Tuesday’s election

With the election just days away several key issues are in the spotlight. Topping that list is the Wilmington convention center.

Congress rallying support to override Bush’s SCHIP veto

Children's health care is again center stage after President Bush did what he said he'd do. The president vetoed a major expansion of the SCHIP program that would have made more children eligible for federal health insurance.

Bush vows to veto SCHIP

The bill that increases funding for the state children's health insurance program by $35 billion was delivered to President Bush Monday.

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