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Edwards divests money from tainted lawyer; keeps money he raised

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards' campaign has donated $4,600 to charity that came from a supporter who pleaded guilty this week to a federal conspiracy charge.

Elizabeth Edwards says Clinton copies John Edwards’ health care plan

Elizabeth Edwards is suggesting that Hillary Clinton is a copycat when it comes to health care policy.

WWAY co-hosting candidates’ forum

It takes an informed public to live in a democracy. That's why NewsChannel 3 is co-sponsoring a Wilmington candidates' forum this Friday with Big Talker FM radio.

Congressional hopeful announces candidacy

videoThursday Republican Will Breazeale announced his candidacy for Congress. He's the first republican to enter the race and challenge Democratic incumbent Mike McIntyre. Will Breazeale knows how to get around. The commercial airline pilot and Iraq war veteran flew to every county in the seventh district Thursday to announce his candidacy for congress.

Edwards gets endorsement of United Steelworkers, United Mine Workers

John Edwards now has more labor endorsements than any of his Democratic rivals.

Thompson set to announce candidacy

Plans are in place for Fred Thompson to announce his entry into the Republican presidential race.

Bush faces more dissent over troop withdrawal

President Bush is facing more dissent in the ranks. A published report claims his top general wants to reverse the troop surge in Iraq. Other republicans have broken ranks with President Bush on Iraq, but no-one like Sen. John Warner.

Democrats prepare for Iowa debate

Democrats seeking the presidential nomination are gathering for another debate, this time it's in Iowa at Drake University. The debate airs Sunday morning on ABC.

Edwards calls on Democrats to bar lobbyists’ money

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards was the party's top fundraising organizations to stop accepting money from federal lobbyists.

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