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Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Businesses help Beau’s Coffee duo live out ‘promposal’

Local high schoolers get pampered for prom Saturday with the help of several Wilmington businesses.

ONLY ON 3: Viral promposal inspires businesses to create special prom night

"Why not run with this and make it even bigger and make this like a huge event for them?"

Teen describes police response to prom shooting

A student at a Wisconsin high school where a gunman wounded two people outside a dance says police officers came in and moved students to one corner of the building after the shooting.

Teenager denied access to prom because he wore a kilt

A North Carolina teenager says he was kept out of a prom for homeschooled kids because he wore his late grandfather's kilt.

Prom closet opens to students

videoThe Prom Closet officially opened for girls looking for an elegant gown or cocktail dress for their big night.

South Brunswick High offers free prom dresses

Prom season is right around the corner for high school students across the country. As they prepare for the big night, students and their families are also planning for the price tag that comes along with the evening.

GMC Style Stop: Get ready for prom

videoStylist Jessica De Vault takes us shopping to find a look that will satisfy a teen's thirst for the newest looks, without draining her parents' wallets.

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Oh boy! Pregnant woman stands in 3-hour line to vote on her due date

While there was much grumbling about the lengthy three-hour wait, most of the soon-to-be voters cheerily held a sense of camaraderie.

Hunter Biden’s laptop, text messages, and emails become major campaign issue

Biden was sailing along until Trump and other conservatives turned his son into campaign fodder.

Myrtle Beach mayor extends mask mandate through Nov. 30

The mandate was extended in September to the end of October and now will continue through Nov. 30.

Rocky Point man arrested for sexual child abuse

At the time of his arrest in Pender County, Andrews had in his possession hundreds of images of child pornography.