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Enrollment doubles in North Carolina charter schools

State records show that charter school enrollment in North Carolina has more than doubled in five years.

Report shows increased crime in Brunswick Co. Schools

A state report shows crime rates are up in Brunswick County Schools.

Governor sends teachers back to school video message

Governor Pat McCrory sent a special video message to teachers and educators across North Carolina this weekend before the first day of school, thanking them for their hard work and pledging his continued support to improve teacher pay.

State lawmaker says, “There’s no value in” disclosing salaries with names

videoOne North Carolina lawmaker doesn't want names attached to charter school salaries in the public record. The North Carolina House approved legislation that would block charter school to do that. Rep. Charles Jeter (R-Mecklenburg) sponsored the amendment in the charter school bill.

NC group resisting GOP changes to public schools

North Carolina groups that want to protect the funding for traditional public schools are trying to raise opposition to legislative proposals to expand private-school vouchers and charter schools.

NC school board stands against paddling students

North Carolina's state school board says it opposes using physical pain to enforce discipline, saying corporal punishment does more harm than good.

Today’s headlines from ‘Pender-Topsail Post & Voice’

video Big changes to some Pender County schools; an education lesson modeled after a popular game. Get the inside scoop on these stories and more.

NC House leader: school year change short-lived

One of North Carolina's top legislative leaders says he thinks the General Assembly will overturn a new law that adds five days to the public school calendar without any extra money.

NC schools will punish parents for kids’ truancy

Halifax County parents who don't make an effort to get their kids to school could find themselves behind bars.

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