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Bladen political operative out of jail, commissioner posts his bond

The political operative at the center of a tainted congressional election is free all thanks to one Bladen County commissioner.

Fallout from State Elections Board decision on NC9 just beginning for local races

New elections will have to happen for the Bladen County Commission 3rd District and the county soil and water conservation district.

Bladen commissioners pass resolution calling for election certifications

Bladen County commissioners have joined in the calls for the NC Board of Elections to certify the 9th District Congressional race.

Lawmakers request bipartisan task force, question capability of Elections Board

Senators place some blame on the State Board of Elections. They demand a bipartisan task force step in to investigate the 9th Congressional district race

Bladen County elections investigation update

Investigators say no evidence of vote buying, but find some evidence to substantiate other claims.

Bladen County campaigning tactics questioned

video You've probably seen sample ballots before being handed out by poll workers on election day, already filled out for the candidates they endorse. What you may not have known is that in some places, spots on those sample ballots are for sale to the highest bidder.

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