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Food Lion pulls milk

If you've bought milk from Food Lion recently, you may need to return it.

GE recalls microwaves

If you've bought a new GE microwave between January 2000 and December 2003 it may pose a fire hazard in your kitchen.

Parents worried about toy safety this holiday season

videoIt's hard to think about Christmas without thinking of toys. But these days you can't think of toys without thinking of danger.

Congress hold food safety hearing

Coming on the heels of troubling recalls that have hammered the food industry, Congress called on top officials from the department of agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration for an explanation Tuesday.

Frozen pizzas recalled

There is another recall of tainted products to report. This time it's not toys. It's frozen pizza that could be contaminated with dangerous e-coli bacteria.

Latest product recalls

Local health officials have issued a warning about frozen beef patties sold through Sam's Club. The food could possibly be infected with e-coli. There are concerns about high levels of lead in popular brands of lipstick. JC Penney is recalling 49,000 deluxe Winnie-the-Pooh play sets.

12 playpen models recalled

Almost 425,000 "Play Yard" brand playpens have been recalled. The recall affects 12 models which have raised changing tables with restraint straps.

Head of Mattel apologizes for toy recalls

The head of Mattel apologized today for his company's massive recalls of tainted and defective toys. He spoke at a hearing on Capitol Hill as lawmakers look for ways to protect vulnerable children.

Government launches recall web site

Can't keep up with all the recent recalls? We found a way to stay in touch..

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